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Find everything you need to know about home ownership in Canada. Whether it’s renovation tips, finding a professional contractor,  understanding the stages of home building – and more – this is a great place to start. Owning a home in Canada: What you need to know, and why Am I ready to buy my first … Continued

Five Fabulous Floors for your Home Renovation

Nothing ties together a room better than fabulous flooring. Feel like your space needs an upgrade? Get some inspiration from these finalists of the 2019 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence. Snazzy Tile Timberworx Custom Homes incorporated high-end finishes, especially the accent floor tiles, to give this bathroom a grand feel and will make any … Continued

How to avoid common bathroom renovation mistakes

If you’re planning on updating your bathroom, or are currently undergoing a bathroom renovation, remember that achieving a great space isn’t just about choosing great tiles, cabinets and fixtures. Real renovation success depends on getting the hidden technical details right behind the scenes. Take the exhaust fan, for example. Even high-end bathroom renovations often end … Continued


CHBA Central Okanagan launches scholarship for women in construction-related post-secondary programs

As part of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association Central Okanagan’s (CHBA-CO) unwavering commitment to empowering women in the residential construction industry, the HBA has created a scholarship to help women pursuing construction-related post-secondary programs in the Okanagan. Launched by CHBA-CO’s Women in Construction Committee, the $2,000 “Women in Construction Education Award” can be used for … Continued

Logel Homes builds new community hub to support unhoused individuals

BILD Calgary member Logel Homes partnered with McMan Youth, Family, and Community Services Association of Calgary & Area to build a new community hub in their 27-unit transitional housing development, The James House. The James House was built in 2018 by Logel Homes in partnership with Cardel Homes, the Resolve Campaign, and various government stakeholders … Continued

5 Award-Worthy Production Net Zero Homes in Canada

Canadian home buyers are increasingly showing interest in Net Zero Homes, and builders and renovators across the country are expertly producing the goods.  This year’s CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence – Canada’s premiere competition for new homes, renovations, community development, and residential marketing – recognized housing excellence in two Net Zero Home awards categories: … Continued

The Big 3: Meet the Builders and Renovators that Made a Big Splash at the 2024 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence

The 2024 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence recognize the best in Canada’s residential construction industry. There were over 900 submissions this year, and nearly 300 industry experts from across the country meticulously selected finalists and winners for 48 categories. These categories span newly built single-family homes, multi-family residences, high-rises, and new communities, home renovations … Continued

Debunking Myths About the Skilled Trades in the Residential Construction Industry

Jobs and workplaces evolve, but sometimes  persistent myths stick around,  influencing how we think about careers and the people who work in them. There are myths and stereotypes about most jobs, and the residential construction industry is no exception. For example, unfortunately one prevalent misconception is that skilled trades are for people who don’t do … Continued

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