Home renovations: Should I hire a pro or DIY?

It might be a bigger bathroom or a finished basement – whichever room you’re looking to change, a renovation can be a big project. If you’re considering whether it’s easier to do it yourself (DIY) or to hire a home renovation pro, get informed before you make the first move! Start with a smart plan so you can get your results within a realistic budget.

Six questions to consider before a renovation

  1. Do I have the right skills?
    YouTube videos and TV renovation shows can make things looks easier than they really are, so consider the source and your own skills carefully. Without the right knowledge you can run the risk of damaging your home, spending more money and potentially injuring yourself or your family. A professional can complete the work more efficiently, particularly those that involve electrical work and plumbing.
  2. Do I need a building permit?
    Home owners often require a municipal building permit when a renovation changes a home’s structure. Inspections scheduled at project milestones are often par for the course to ensure your project meets local building codes. Without a permit, you may be required to stop construction or remove unfinished work for inspection…
  3. Do I have the time?
    Renovations and home repairs can take a lot of your time! Will you need to book days off work to complete your project? Consider if the daily routines of your household are going to be disrupted, and for how long. If it’s your first project, be aware that it may take longer than anticipated.hire a home renovation pro
  4. Do I have the right tools?
    If you don’t already have access to the things you’ll need, expect to visit the hardware store (usually more than once!) to purchase or rent equipment. Make sure to budget that cost into your renovation because it can quickly add up. In the long run you might be better off hiring a pro who will save you time, money… and your sanity.
  5. Is my family on board?
    Your partner loves the idea of a new kitchen! But reality hits when you start working out your budget and consider timelines and daily disruption. Make sure everyone in your home is on board with the project, or else an exciting renovation may quickly turn into a burden.
  6. Have I received a second opinion?
    If you think you’re going to DIY to save money, talk to a professional contractor before you make up your mind. An experienced renovator or trade contractor will often suggest ways of reducing the cost of your project, often by having you involved in some of the work. He/she might also have valuable insight on what you have planned. Reach out to a local contractor.

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