The Most Important Question You Can Ask Before Renovating

You’ve decided it’s time to move ahead with your long-planned renovation project. You’ve collected all sorts of great ideas and product pictures, visited the local Home Show and spent many hours online looking at what other homeowners have done in their projects.


Now your ‘shopping’ for a professional contractor who will make it all happen. Chances are you’ll ask family, friends or neighbours if they know of a good contractor they would recommend. This is a good place to start.

Most Important Question

And there is one question you should ask anytime someone mentions a contractor they have worked with before – “if you were doing another renovation project, would you hire the same contractor again, or would you look for someone else?” If they tell you they’d never hire anyone else, consider adding this contractor to your list of prospects. Anything less than this type of solid endorsement should be a signal for caution.

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