#CdnBuilt: HHHBA raises $75,000 for local charities

The Canadian Home Builders’ Association celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2018, and is proud of its history of building and supporting communities across the country. The Hamilton-Halton Home Builders’ Association (HHHBA) commemorated the occasion by giving back to their neighbourhoods in a big way: they raised $75,000 for local charities.

HHHBA Charity Roast
Past HHBA President and home builder, Bud Sinclair, took the brunt of the jokes at the Charity Roast. [Photo: Hamilton-Halton HBA]

Past HHBA President Takes One for the Team

The cornerstone of the fundraising activities was a Charity Roast, which raised over $63,000 and was held at the Hamilton Golf and Country Club.  A number of past and present HHHBA members, as well as city officials, volunteered to be the subject of comedic jabs. Much-loved Past HHBA President and home builder, Bud Sinclair, took the brunt of the attack in good humour. A number of HHHBA members committed to public roasting, including Past Presidents Brandon Campbell, Robert Cooper, Dan Gabriele, Vince Molinaro, Dan Gabriele, and Anthony DeSantis JR. Ontario Home Builders’ Association’s long-time former treasurer Diane Murray volunteered, as did CHBA member and City of Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger, and former Regional Chair Terry Cooke. Numerous other association members were involved by virtue of their attendance, sponsorship or donations to the cause.

HHHBA Meets Soppressata

HHHBA Soppressata Challenge
Entrants show off their homemade soppressata – a type of dried salami – as part of HHBA’s charity Soppressata Challenge. [Photo: Hamilton-Halton HBA]
The remainder of the $75,000 was successfully raised through other community initiatives such as the association’s annual Soppressata Challenge. Entrants donate $1,000 to the charity, and their homemade soppressata – a type of dried salami – is enjoyed by attendees and judged by a panel. HHHBA’s annual golf tournament and silent auction also contributed to their overall fundraising goal with the help of other smaller efforts throughout the year.

HHHBA selected three local charities to support, donating $25,000 to each. Recipients were the YWCA (Hamilton), Neighbour to Neighbour, and the Shirley Elford Artist’s fund through the Hamilton Community Foundation. Each charity was  invited to attend their President’s Gala in November 2017, where they were presented with a ceremonial cheque.

Find out how other CHBA members are contributing to #CdnBuilt communities by following the hashtag on social media. For other stories, visit Giving Back on our blog.