#CdnBuilt: CHBA Members Raise Money, Provide Employment for Vulnerable Youth

“This is all possible because of Saskatchewan citizens like Dr. Jones and the companies they represent. We are grateful beyond words and humbled with excitement of gaining such a tool in our effort to move youth from the street to community.” — Kim Sutherland, CEO Street Culture Project

The Street Culture Project is a non-profit, registered charity in Regina, SK, providing housing access, skill development and personal support to street involved youth. Deveraux Homes CEO/President Denis Jones worked with the SCP to develop the community-minded SasktOberfest event.

SasktOberfest was inspired by German culture in which Octoberfest came to life in Regina with German inspired food, drink and entertainment. The youth involved with Street Culture were the servers and helpers with the event which allowed for those in attendance to meet and greet and learn of the challenges they are facing and realize the opportunity to help.

Deveraux Homes CEO/President Denis Jones was an integral part of the success of SasktOberfest

Working along the board members and gathering other volunteers, Denis Jones spearheaded this evening from first initial thoughts to helping execute the evening program.

The highlight of the evening was the auctioning off ‘work experience’. Attendees could purchase time (sponsor wages) for Street Culture youth to work on-site at one of the businesses involved. This auction was performed by Deveraux Homes CEO/President Denis Jones. Deveraux Homes stepped forward and pledged the first month of paid work for youth. Those in attendance followed this example and within 20 minutes the initiative raised over $64,000!

The event was held on September 10 and grossed over $146,000 in one evening, netting over $98,000; this equates to over 5800 hours of on-the-job training and pro-social activity!

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