Why Net Zero Homes Are So Comfortable

Net zero homes are an excellent option for those looking for a comfortable, energy efficient space. By producing as much clean energy as they consume, net zero homes are up to 80% more energy efficient than typical new homes.

Crestview – RND Construction (Net Zero Home Award)

In order to reach such impressive levels of energy efficiency, these homes need to have extremely airtight building envelopes. That means that the outer structure of the house (walls, windows, etc.) doesn’t allow the home’s heated (or cooled) air to leak out. It also means that moisture also can’t get into the walls and cause problems – ensuring the walls stay in great shape as the years go by. For the same reasons that air and moisture can’t get in or out, noise can’t either – making for a home that’s blissfully quiet.

So not only are net zero homes better built, they’re more comfortable for the people who live in them. All that great building technology results in a home that has more even temperatures in every room. And thanks to the ventilation system (an HRV or ERV) – which is designed to bring fresh air into bedrooms and living rooms and take stale air out of kitchens and bathrooms – the air quality is top notch! Pollen and dust are drastically reduced, and the air inside the home is kept circulating and clean.

Efficient and Stylish


Crestview – RND Construction (Net Zero Home Award)

RND Construction has been building and renovating homes in Ottawa, Ontario for 29 years, and is a Qualified Net Zero Builder. Their main focus is providing homeowners with sustainability, comfort, and style.

They incorporated these elements into a beautiful new home built in one of Ottawa’s most desirable neighbourhoods. Designed by renowned architect Christopher Simmonds, The Crestview reflects the architecture of the neighbourhood with a modern feel. Its roof has a traditional pitch, but the home has cleaner lines, upgraded finishes, and modern colours that today’s homeowners are looking for.

The home, which is a finalist in the Net Zero category of the 2019 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence, certainly is a showstopper. Natural finish white oak flooring throughout brings warmth to the home’s modern palette of greys and whites. The kitchen is designed for function and hosting. It has a large island that comfortably seats four, with a wraparound gas fireplace that extends into the spacious living room. The main floor has 9’ ceilings, the master ensuite features a soaker tub, and there’s even a pet bath area in the basement.

Crestview – RND Construction (Net Zero Home Award)

The Crestway challenges the common perception that extremely energy efficient homes are lacking in style. Qualified Net Zero Builders know how to build homes that are comfortable, gorgeous, and give you the level of energy efficiency you’re looking for in a new home so that you can feel good about your family’s impact on the environment.

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