2020 Renovation Trends: Personalized Wine Cellars, Anyone?

Keeping up with the Joneses of home design and renovation trends is a great way to help make the most of your home’s staying power. Over many decades we’ve seen design ideas appear only to fall flat fast (carpeted bathrooms?!). But we can’t help but believe that so many of the design and renovation trends we’re seeing in entries in the CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence (powered by Avid Ratings Canada) are here to stay. What say you?

Keep reading to uncover some renovation trends we are noticing in the 2020 finalist entries.

Bringing the Inside Out

According to the 2019 CHBA Homebuyer Preference Survey, powered by Avid Ratings Canada preferences for outdoor living spaces have been growing in popularity, and this year’s finalists are setting the scene (no pun intended) in the exterior category. In fact, the survey revealed that 51% of buyers think an outdoor living area is a must have, while outdoor bar and eating areas have trended upwards by 4.6 points over the past 5 years. These days, it’s no longer enough to have an open-air patio or yard, this year’s finalist homes focus on innovative decks and porches that enhance the curb appeal of the property and maximize the use of the space.

This means decks that include accessories such as hot tubs or fire pits, big screen televisions for added entertainment, and modern gazebos for extra shade and comfort. The more features that can be included in the space to make it more of an outdoor living area, and not just an extension of your yard, the better.

Home Renovation, Ultimate Homes and Renovations, Calgary, AB, Exterior Category

Ultimate Homes and Renovations, Calgary, AB: “Inner City Outdoor Living Retreat”, finalist, exterior category

High Efficiency Windows

It goes without saying that windows are an essential element in any home. But now more than ever there’s a focus on the energy efficiency of these windows. Homeowners are focusing more on sustainability and how the choices they make inside the home will impact their family and the environment. High efficiency windows are considered a “must have” feature for nearly 70% of respondents in the 2019 CHBA Homebuyer Preference Survey. They also rank among the top 10 list of important features for homebuyers.

Paine Construction and Design, Kelowna, BC, “Sheerwater Renovation”  finalist, Whole Home – Over $1 million category

Paine Construction and Design, Kelowna, BC: “Sheerwater Renovation”  finalist, Whole Home – Over $1 million category

Quartz Mimics Marble

Quartz has been the material of choice for many homeowners in the past, and this year plays no different. As many as 45% of homeowners polled are still loving quartz and are indulging in all the innovative ways to include it to elevate their home renovations. A new trend we are noticing is quartz being designed to resemble slabs of natural stone, like granite & marble. The process involves creating interesting patterns to mimic veins swirled into the counter top slabs and gives a beautiful polished look. This added touch of creative personality in the kitchen will wow guests!

OakWood, Ottawa, ON: “Every Angle”, finalist, Kitchen – $70,000 to $100,000 category

OakWood, Ottawa, ON: “Every Angle”, finalist, Kitchen Renovation – $70,000 to $100,000 category

Personalized Wine Cellars 

Minibars, cellars and wine rooms are one of the latest 2020 “any space” trends that caught our attention this year. Many treat wine as art so it’s no surprise home owners seek to dedicatea  space in their home entirely to their beloved beverages of choice. That’s right: an entire floor dedicated to wine. You’ve probably had a glimpse at these in fancy restaurants before—glass-walled rooms filled from floor to ceiling with racks upon racks of delicious bottles. But recently, more and more homes have started converting spare rooms, offices or even basements into a space to house their most precious collection of vintage reds and oaky whites.

On top of adding to aesthetic appeal (hello open shelving!), wine rooms and bars serve the function of keeping the bottles cool and dark.

Bachly Construction, Oakville, ON, “Beaumont Wine Cellar”, finalist, “Any Space” category

Bachly Construction, Oakville, ON: “Beaumont Wine Cellar”, finalist, “Any Space” category

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