What is an Energy Advisor?

What is an Energy Advisor?

Energy Advisors (EAs) are specialists in rating home energy efficiency, and they provide guidance to homeowners who are interested in improving their home’s efficiency. EAs are registered by National Resources Canada (NRCan) to deliver EnerGuide Rating Systems (ERS) for new or existing homes. In short, an Energy Advisor is a third-party consultant who works closely with builders, renovators and homeowners to improve and measure the energy efficiency of a home and help reduce energy consumption through better practices and using energy-efficient technology.

What Does an Energy Advisor Do?

The main responsibilities of an EA include visiting homes to perform an energy audit, analyze the client’s current energy usage, and determine ways for the owners to make their home more energy efficient. Energy advisors can recommend switching to clean energy solutions such as solar power, purchasing energy from different sources, or replacing windows or upgrading insulation that will retain heat or cool air better.

Additionally, EAs perform the necessary inspections, tests, and energy modelling to verify compliance with home labeling programs such as Net Zero Home Labelling Program,EnerGuide* Rating System, ENERGY STAR® for New Homes, R-2000* to accurately report results.

An Energy Advisor is licensed to perform these programs and advise which one may be the best fit for the project needs.

Why Hire an Energy Advisor?

If you are considering building an energy efficient home, you can benefit greatly from hiring an Energy Advisor. Many builders who specialize in energy efficient homes have established relationships with energy advisors and can assist homeowners in this process. Energy can come from a variety of sources, including natural gas, heating oil or bioheat, electricity, and propane, and the process can get quite complex. EAs have extensive training and understanding of energy efficiency and building science and can be trusted to develop a strategy that works for your needs. EAs provide builders and homeowners with a detailed understanding of their homes energy performance by performing skilled analysis in areas such as energy audits, air leakage testing and remedies, and EnerGuide Evaluations. EnerGuide evaluations are required to receive an energy rating of the home and to label under most energy efficiency programs in Canada.

Find an Qualified Energy Advisor

Canadian Home Builders’ Assocation

CHBA maintains an online directory of Qualified Net Zero Energy Advisors working across Canada. You can search for EAs located in your area and contact them for more information about the services they provide. You can also contact one of our Qualified Net Zero Service Organizations for more information regarding Energy Advisors in your region.