Buying New? Consider a Net Zero Home

Energy efficiency has quickly become a top consideration for new home buyers. In fact, CHBA’s Home Buyer Preference Survey shows that energy efficiency features like high-efficiency appliances and windows are frequently among the top 10 features homeowners are looking for in their homes year-over-year. This has led to a growing popularity in Net Zero Homes, … Continued

Top 9 Myths About Net Zero Homes in Canada

As the energy efficiency of homes becomes a higher priority for Canadians, many are trying to decide if a Net Zero Home is right for them. With the ease of information sharing these days, there are also a lot of myths about these high-performance homes. As a result, these myths sometimes cause confusion about what … Continued

How do I get started? The pathway into residential construction

  Working in the residential construction industry is a rewarding and fulfilling career. Building and renovating homes provides a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day when you can see the work you’ve done. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in construction, here are some steps you can take to get started:  … Continued

Fusion Homes donates $60K to Guelph Children’s Foundation food program

Fusion Homes, a Guelph and District Home Builders’ Association member, demonstrated a deep commitment to their community with a generous gift aimed at providing essential food security to families in need this holiday season. With rising food costs and financial challenges for many families in the Guelph and Wellington regions, Fusion Homes donated $60,000 to … Continued

CHBA BC and CHBA-VI member provide tools to set up carpentry program at local secondary school

With labour shortages rampant in the residential construction sector and retirements slated to rise over the coming decade, members are recognizing the need to encourage youth to consider a rewarding career in the skilled trades. Thorough CHBA BC’s Workforce Development Program, CHBA BC teamed up with CHBA Vancouver Island (VI) member Slegg Building Materials to … Continued