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5 Award-Worthy Production Net Zero Homes in Canada

Canadian home buyers are increasingly showing interest in Net Zero Homes, and builders and renovators across the country are expertly producing the goods.  This year’s CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence – Canada’s premiere competition for new homes, renovations, community development, and residential marketing – recognized housing excellence in two Net Zero Home awards categories: … Continued

The Big 3: Meet the Builders and Renovators that Made a Big Splash at the 2024 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence

The 2024 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence recognize the best in Canada’s residential construction industry. There were over 900 submissions this year, and nearly 300 industry experts from across the country meticulously selected finalists and winners for 48 categories. These categories span newly built single-family homes, multi-family residences, high-rises, and new communities, home renovations … Continued

Top 5 Custom or Renovated Net Zero Homes in this year’s CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence

As home energy efficiency becomes a growing priority for home buyers and homeowners across Canada, custom or renovated Net Zero Homes, as well as production Net Zero Homes, are having their moment in the sun. From high-efficiency windows to a tighter building envelope, builders and renovators are increasingly being asked to meld energy efficiency requirements … Continued

A Look Inside an Award-Winning Net Zero Home

Greg Hasler, Founder and CEO of Qualified Net Zero Home Builder Hasler Homes Ltd. As home energy efficiency continues to be prioritized by new buyers, and government incentives like the recent Greener Homes Grant make home energy efficiency renovations more accessible to homeowners, Net Zero / Net Zero Ready Homes are growing in popularity. And … Continued