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Navigating the Purchase Contract: A Guide for Homebuyers

Entering the world of real estate as a homebuyer can be both exhilarating and daunting, and a key milestone in the journey towards homeownership is signing a purchase contract. This document, dense with legal terminology and intricate details, is the blueprint of your purchase, outlining the rights and responsibilities of both buyer and seller. While … Continued

Planning for What You Need – and Want – in Your Home

When looking to buy a home, you’ll probably start searching for one that meets your short-term needs. Maybe your company just went remote, and you want a place with a home office. Or maybe you just had a baby and need more space or somewhere without an elevator. While it’s great to search for a … Continued

Welcome to Sunset Dunes, A Perfect PEI Modular Home

Modular home construction is an efficient and environmentally sensitive way to build a home today. With shorter build times, fewer wasted materials, and exemplary safety measures for workers, the construction method is rising in popularity. Dubbed Sunset Dunes, this residence we’re about to showcase is just one example of an innovative modular home. Located in … Continued